Loon is a collection of lighting fixtures that is rooted in the Catskill Mountains, representing a new place-driven design language for Coil + Drift and its designer and founder, John Sorensen-Jolink.  Early sketches inspired by owl wings, leaves and dried seeds evolved into sand-cast forms made by a local metal forge.  The result is an exploration of what it is to live close to nature in a community where craft is still honored.

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Loon is comprised of 8 fixtures divided into two families, Foundry and Ridge.  Foundry utilizes the ancient art of sand casting resulting in weighty, textured forms evoking Trumpet flowers that appear to grow out of the ceiling.  Ridge is a study of a curved leaf-like form with a symmetrical silhouette inspired by a bird’s outstretched wing span.

This is Coil + Drift’s first collection designed and built entirely in-house from conception to production.

Loon fixtures utilize an expansive new range of metals and living patina finshes.  A multi-colored verdigris on brass includes hues of green, yellow, and pink.  A corten finish covers an entire cast iron fixture in intentional rust.   These finishes are part of a focused exploration of hand-applied metal finishes now available on all Coil +Drift fixtures.

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