Hone is a new collection of existing Coil + Drift designs, reinterpreted - some in-production and some never produced - in an effort to make them better. To hone our craft.

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The Hover Shelving, originally designed in 2014 and made of iron piping and salvaged wood, is now comprised of machined-brass pins and shaped hardwood shelves. The new system retains its balanced, asymmetric form, but is now more refined and versatile; a sculptural centering point for the modern home.

The Ren Table originally featured diagonally pitched legs and a traditional skirt when it was first designed in 2016. Now, with simple vertical legs connecting directly into the tabletop, it becomes more honest and less strict. It's a subtle piece that will catch the eye just about anywhere.

The Talon Chair, which was not produced until now, is bold and unafraid. It is a surprising departure for Coil + Drift. The full embrace you deserve at the end of a long day. Upholstered in a golden mohair by Maharam, the lounge chair's curvy profile and cantilevered seat make it captivating and memorable.

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