_Home Unimprov

_HOME UNIMPROV, a new series presented in collaboration with curatorial agency Hotel Particulier explores the performative home beyond the notions of function, comfort, and esthetic, as well as the influence that architecture and design have on the social constructs of our society. The first presentation featured the work of dancer-turned-designer John Sorensen-Jolink, founder and designer of Coil + Drift and took place during the 2018 NYCxDESIGN.

_HOME UNIMPROV featured Unconscious Forms, a 3-channel video installation exploring the body and its interaction with its designed environment through three sequences of choreographic dialogues, where the lines are blurred between human and non-human forms, subject and object, creator and resource. The video work was made in collaboration with photographer/videographer Charlie Schuck and features performers Marla Phalen and Stephen Xue with choregraphy, set and object design by Sorensen-Jolink. Alongside Unconscious forms, a collection of short digital editions was released exclusively on Sedition.

As part of _HOME UNIMPROV, Hotel Particulier presented an exclusive series of 3 performative chair limited editions based on the original Soren chair by John Sorensen-Jolink for COIL + DRIFT. For these editions, Sorensen-Jolink reimagined the Soren’s shape, focusing on scale of the chair’s minimal arc-shaped back rest using the choreographic principle of negative space. 

Images by: Sean Davidson

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